5 Surface climate variables

We provide 5 surface climate variables that correspond to specific model variables as listed below:

Temperature corresponds to model daily values of near-surface (2 meters height) mean air temperature expressed in °C.

Maximum temperature
Maximum temperature corresponds to model daily maximum of near-surface (2 meters height) air temperature expressed in °C.

Minimum temperature
Minimum temperature corresponds to the model daily minimum of near-surface (2 meters height) air temperature air temperature expressed in °C.

Rainfall corresponds to the model daily total rainfall accumulated (not averaged) over 24h expressed in mm.day-1 or mm.month-1 corresponding to daily or monthly values.

Wind speed
Wind speed corresponds to values of mean near-surface (10 meters height) wind speed expressed in m.s-1.

Solar radiation
Solar radiation corresponds to model values of mean surface downwelling shortwave radiation expressed in W.m-2.

We also provide indices. Please check Which climate indices do you provide?
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