A country level product is a dataset of 1 variable with daily values from 1950 to 2005 (historical) and/or 2006 to 2100 (climate projections), with 1 model and 1 pathway. Data are available at 0.11° (EURO-CORDEX) and 0.5° (CMIP5) spatial resolution. File format is netcdf with official naming conventions.   


  • Description: Near-Surface Air Temperature over Argentina (South-America) – Data from MIROC’s MIROC-ESM-CHEM CMIP5 model under RCP 4.5 (Daily, 0.50°)
  • File name: tasAdjust_day_MIROC-ESM-CHEM_rcp45_r1i1p1_gr1-ARG_TCDF-CDFT22s-WFDEI-1979-2005_19510101-21001231.nc

Recommended use

The Country product is intended for analysts and modelers who need access to daily values of weather variables. We encourage to use this product as a forcing input in impact models (hydrological, agricultural, etc.) that need bias-adjusted data to produce quantitative assessments of future climate change impacts.    

Going further

If you work with a particular observational data set (e.g., station measurements data or a higher resolution gridded data set) and wish to have some climate models adjusted with it, please contact us for a quote.


Country data are all adjusted with the CDF-t method (see our article “The CDF-t method”), remapped on a reference grid and quality controlled. To learn more, we strongly encourage you to read our technical report “Bias adjusting climate model projections” as well as our article “Limitations in bias adjustment methods”.

Our country-level extraction method consists in identifying the “border” grid points for a country and drawing a rectangle around them. The drawback is that neighboring country points can be included in this rectangle.


We provide country level data for more than 70 countries worldwide.

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