Data on the climate data factory are a by-product of the raw data available on the official IPCC data portal (ESGF). They went through successive processing steps detailed in this article, to make them actionable in climate change impact studies.   

Data source

  • Raw data: searching and downloading raw data from the ESGF archive


  • Remapping : interpolating raw data on a common grid
  • Input quality control: checking integrity of raw data


  • Bias-adjustment: adjusting variables to observations for synoptic biases
  • Standardization: assessing physical properties of variables
  • Output quality control: checking bias-adjusted variables   


  • Temporal concatenation: linking together the multiple 10 years data files into a unique 150 years set
  • Geographical extraction: producing country level data sets instead of global ones

The table below summarizes what the climate data factory provides compared with ESGF.

To learn more about our transparent processing chain, read "The data processing":

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