On theclimatedatafactory.com you can find country and city level climate information.

Country level

A country level product is a data file (netCDF) with a single parameter, a single model and a single scenario (e.g., surface temperature with MIROC under RCP 4.5).

We provide country data at a daily resolution for various climate variables between 0.11° (CORDEX) and 0.5° (CMIP5) spatial resolution. These data are all Adjusted and Remapped on a reference grid.

You can access historical climate data (1951-2005) or climate projections data (1951/1971-2100) from CMIP5 and CORDEX models. 

City level

A city level product is a graphic (PNG) and a data (CSV) file of a single parameter, all models and all scenarios (e.g., surface temperature with all CMIP5 models under historical, RCP4.5 and RCP 8.5 scenarios):

We provide city data and graphics at an annual resolution for various climate variables. These data are all Adjusted and Remapped on a reference grid.

  • a city graphic is a representation of a climate variable (e.g., annual trend from 1950 to 2100) under historical period, two future pathways and all models. Box-plots on the right side are represented for 3 periods: 1971-2000, 2021-2050 and 2071-2100.

Sample of a typical graphic (annual trend of surface temperature over a city)

  • a city data is a CSV file representing annual data of each model and scenario used in the graphic, from 1951 to 2100 :

Sample of a CSV data file 

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